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Imperial's Personal Care Services for Seniors

Personal Care Needs for You or Your Loved One

If you or a loved one needs specialized care for a specific health concern, personal care services may be the ideal option. Personal care allows treatment and care to be administered from the comfort of your own home so there’s no relocating or separate facility required. Click the button below to determine whether you or a loved one is eligible for personal care services through our third party provider.

Personal Care Services We Can Offer You

Our third party personal care provider offers services that allow seniors to recover in their own homes. Our Personal Care Provider offers services to include important areas such as:

Medication Assistance

Making sure medications are taken correctly, on schedule, and administered with care.

Personal Care

If you or a loved one requires assistance with tasks such as bathing or dressing, our home health care experts are here to help.


Cleaning, trash removal, laundry, and more are all personal care services available to suit your needs.

Wellness Services

Continuum of Care through Coordination of Nursing, Therapy, Equipment, and Physician Services

Build Your Own Package

Choose from the list of services that best fit your needs and our personal care experts will create a plan that works for you.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Will Medicare Cover These Services for Seniors?

Our Third Party Services are available through a variety of insurance plans. Medicare may completely cover personal care for those that are eligible. To learn more about your options and what costs may be covered through your insurance plan, contact us today.

Supporting A Family Member Through Personal Care Services

In many cases, the best thing you can do for a loved one is support them through our services. Our experts with specialized training are here to administer personalized care to make their road to recovery as quick and seamless as possible. When you choose Imperial for our third party personal care service, you can rest easy knowing your family member is getting the best care available.

Personal Care Services FAQ

Common Questions

Personal care services are forms of supportive care that treat the individual at their home instead of a hospital or other facility. They are also referred to as in-home care. 

Services are numerous and include treating illnesses and injuries, managing medication, and monitoring health. Furthermore, these can include non-medical services such as housekeeping, running errands, and personal care when needed.

The goals are most commonly to treat illnesses and injuries. Personal care services assist with improving independence and improving function. 

To determine the eligibility of yourself or a loved one for our third party personal care service, contact us and we will be happy to walk you through the process. 

Our Third Party Personal Care Services are available through a variety of insurance plans. Medicare may completely cover personal care for those that are eligible. To learn more about your options and what costs may be covered through your insurance plan, contact us today. 

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Personal Care Services

We offer specialized personal care from the comfort of your home.


Our affordability options take away the concern and confusion and leave you at ease.

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Jill Harrison

Executive Director

Our Executive Director, Jill Harrison has worked in Senior Living Care Communities for 20 years.  She came into the Senior Care Industry after working as a caregiver with disabled children and adults/seniors.  She saw a greater need for those she cared for and proceeded to gain Knowledge, Real Life Experience & Certifications in  Senior Care Management, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care & Programming, MSHDA Low Income Housing & Tax Credit, & more.  Jill’s passion is to not only help her seniors living within the care community but to also help the families & caregivers.  She believes that all seniors need to have more resources and help available to them and is committed to bringing more resources to those that she serves. 

Terressa Mosley-Glaste

Leasing Specialist

Terressa has been in the Customer Service industry for over 35 years. She has worked in property management for the last 18 years working with market rate apartments and single family homes as both a property manager and a leasing consultant. Terressa prides herself in being able to provide top tier customer service and ensure that the needs of each tenant is being met to the best of our ability. The part she loves most about working with the public is getting to help individuals get settled into their new homes.

Trecia Jefferson

Assistant Director

Trecia Jefferson Faison is the Assistant Director of Imperial Senior Suites. Trecia graduated Magna Cum Laude with her degree in Business. With over 40 years in Business management, Trecia have worked for a variety of companies such as Banking, Mental Health and Property Management.

Always driven to be the best at whatever she sets he mind to and her determination to service individuals with a no-nonsense attitude but highest level of customer services. In business almost her entire life, Trecia success is built on an unwavering belief that customers come first, always placing concern for taking care of her clients at the forefront of every transaction she engages in for her clients and every interaction she has with her clients.

When Trecia isn’t working to serve her residents at Imperial Senior Suites and supporting her co-worker, she is enjoying working as an Event Planner. Her love for serving people has successfully followed her over into her Event Planning where she continues to put the client first with high rewards.